The skin of the Bomber Bubble came to Fortnite for the first time on August 11, 2019, and was one of the most loved by the players. However, this will not again be available for a period of time in the game, but today, it finally has returned to please all those who have not obtained it yet, as recently Fortnite has been announced officially that the skin has returned and can get in the shop Fortnite today.

The Bomber Bubble is part of the Bubblegum, where you include the bomb bubbles, bombajeante and the revientaburbujas (peak). The skin is classified as Unlikelyhas some glasses-linear, and an outfit with pink and light blue. Then, I let the tweet with the information that you have shared with the developers.

On the other hand, consider that every one of the articles of the set Bubblegum account with different prices, the following information will leave you how much it is worth each one of them:

  • Skin of the Bomber Bubble – 1200 Turkeys.
  • Revientaburbuja – 800 Turkeys.
  • Bombajeante – 300 Turkeys.

▪ Release date: 25/07/2017

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