In Call of Duty: Mobile has today been introduced on 6 November, a new level of rare weapons: mythical. The first weapon of this animal is the “Fennec – Ascended” (English: “Ascended”). It is strong but bothers the players with its high price.

What kind of weapon is that? The Fennec – Ascended is the first mythical weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile. The skin comes with special attachments and effects, similar to legendary weapons.

The main thing about mythical weapons, however, is that they can be further upgraded. You activate various effects such as kill animations or other setups. The essays fit thematically to the skin of the weapon. The effects can be adjusted in the Gunsmith feature.

How good is she? In terms of performance, the Fennec is apparently really strong and can easily compete with the best weapons in CoD Mobile. It is the first primary weapon with which you can use Akimbo, i.e. carry two weapons at the same time.

This makes them particularly strong in close combat. Since it is a submachine gun, you are also brisk with the Fennec and can ideally play in the “Run & Gun” style. If you have mastered the expert technique of the 6-finger claw, you should be a real nightmare for the opponents.

The expert Ferg has already bought the weapon and fully upgraded it. In the video he shows how strong she is:

The Fennec is only legendary – unless you pay

What does the Fennec cost? To get the new skin, you have to get it first with Lucky Draw. The chance of receiving the Fennec immediately is just 0.08%.

Assuming you have to pay for the entire draw and receive all other items beforehand, this will cost you 14,730 CoD points. When you buy the largest package with 8000 points, that’s almost € 220 that you have to pay for it (€ 109.99 per package).

But that’s not all. If you bought the Fennec for this price, you only have the basic version. The upgrades of up to 8 levels of the weapon require a new currency, which you can only buy if you own the mythical skin.

Here it is largely coincidental how much money you have to put into the revaluation again because the number of revaluation tickets received is determined by a lottery.

That’s why it’s so annoying: You get the Akimbo perk with the basic version, but if you want to exploit the full potential of the Fennec, you have to fully upgrade it. The reactions to it are accordingly negative.

In a larger thread on Reddit, for example, players complain that the price is simply too expensive. The weapon is really good, but they don’t think it’s fair that they should buy something unfinished and only expand it with money:

There is no way to unlock these levels via Grind? Save the money folks. That `s not worth it.

As long as the Fennec is not equipped with the appropriate upgrades, it is not much better than a regular, legendary weapon. For many gamers, this is a reason to express their frustration.

There is currently no reaction from the developers to the criticism. However, many players agree that something needs to be changed here.

With a bit of bad luck, the Fennec can even hit the collar. That happened with another, new weapon: The NA-45 was banned immediately after its release, at least for tournaments.