Fortnite is reluctant to lose a bellows, and it is certain that Epic Games has managed to channel the success of their battle royale to transcend being a simple fashion. Sometimes through events very talked-about that we feel a great to your Pass Battle. Other, re-inventing the map (or making it disappear completely); and, from time to time, announced collaborations very exceptional.

At the end of the day, the island of Fortnite it has become a showcase of privileged to complete a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. From giants the size of Disney and the Warner Bros. artists such as the ubiquitous Marshmello, which is located in a very sweet moment of your musical career.

However, the most interesting of these crossovers between different universes is that it is a stroke of genius in which everyone comes out a winner because, from the point of view of the player, allows the characters to more rabid now roam freely all over the island with the same purpose that the good Jonesy: be the last one standing.

Events very special with a thin point: as almost everything in Fortniteare available for a limited time. Therefore, in VidaExtra we have launched to collect all the great collaborations that has been the Battle Royale of Epic. Some of them, seen in perspective, very crazy.

John Wick

  • Event: The reward of Wick
  • Date: may 2019

The trilogy John Wick it is the very best that has given the action movie in the last few years, and if Epic had already made a wink in the past, your MTL: The reward of Wick completed the circle with challenges and rewards issues. And yes, the very Wick came to the shop of the game.


  • Event: Show Time-of-Marshmello
  • Date: February 2019

Marshmello not only held the first concert of Fortnite in vivo in the middle of the Park Pleasurable, but that she filmed the video clip of the topic Alone on the map below. Two milestones and pure fanservice for the players, bearing in mind that well known DJ’s already beginning to stand out as one of the artists of the time.

Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet

  • Event: teaser of Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Date: November 2018

Not all collaborations Fortnite have had a huge roll back. Without going any further, Ralph, the well-known bad video games for Disney, did a greeting in the drive of Reels Committed to coincide with the launch of Ralph Breaks The Internet. And thats not the thing: the wink ends of make sense in the film itself. A true genius.


  • Event: Weezer World
  • When: February 2019

The group Weezer chose a unique stage to present his new work study: nothing less than an island, creative custom-designed and in which they were able to hear first five issues of his Black Album days before its launch.


  • Event: Gotham City
  • Date: September 2019

DC Comics celebrated the the 80 years of the dark Knight high for everything. In fact, the very batseñal is spotted on the island. And that was only the beginning: in addition to all the aesthetic elements inspired by Batman, a zone of the crack made Gotham City to appear in Fortnite, allowing us to live an adventure as the caped crusader.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

  • Event: Star Wars in Fortnite
  • Date: December 2019

From far away, the biggest event in the game ever held: to promote the film The Ascent of Skywalker, Epic Games created a scenario very special in-Reel Committed which included air battles, the emergence of J. J. Abrams and Geoff Keighley in the game, a breakthrough, exclusive of the film and the subsequent arrival of the light sabers and gliders theme.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • Event: Launch of Star Wars in the Epic Games Store
  • Date: November 2019

EA and Respawn decided to launch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order beyond Origin on PC, and it is certain that the Epic Games Store featured an extra incentive in front of the rest of the desktop platforms: add the costume Stormtrooper Imperial to store objects in Fortnite.


  • Event: Pandora
  • When: August 2019

Have Borderlands 3 exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a year is reason to take muscle. And the best way to celebrate is to unleash Psycho and Claptrap in the game and, of step, throw a area of the crack inspired by Pandora and designed to make the delights of the shooter from Gearbox.

Major Lazer

  • Event: Fortnite X Major Lazer
  • Date: August 2019

In the wake of Marshmellothe musical formation composed by Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire under the acronym of Major Lazer they made a triumphal entry into Fortnite adding all kinds of content, aesthetic, remixing the themes of the game and, of step, using the island as a setting for an official music video for his successful theme That Heat.


  • Event: Delivery center
  • Date: may 2019

The label of clothing with the image of Michael Jordan he made a sound entry into Fortnite through the challenges of Delivery in the center, a crazy MTL created for the occasion. What I had to add rewards to the game and new batches of content in the store.

League NFL

  • Event: Super Bowl LIII
  • Date: January 2019

You may not generate too much noise for these shores, but the Super Bowl, the competition of american football final, awakens true passions among americans. Enough as to include the kits in the store Fortnite and create a MTL inspired by the event: Fray of the NFL.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • Event: the Gauntlet of Infinity
  • Date: may 2018

According to Epic Games, the unexpected and explosive collaboration with Marvel came about after a simple phone call. The result, a crossover between Fortnite and the Avengers, was a true pitch: the coveted Gauntlet of Infinity appeared on the island, transforming into the mighty Thanos to its possessor. Pure fanservice.

Avengers: Endgame

  • Event: Endgame
  • Date: April 2019

The Marvel characters not only came back a year later Fortnitebut did so high for everything and just in time to celebrate the release of Endgame: in addition to an MTL with rewards free, are distributed by the map weapons straight from the Avengers. To which you should add lots of content inspired by some of the mightiest heroes of the Earth.