TFT will receive a large update half of next season June 10 with the patch 10.12 League of Legends, and already have leaked some of the new features that will arrive in less than 2 weeks.

There will be a total of 14 new champions, as well as 3 new features that will totally change the way you play this set 3 TFT. And much eye, because Teemo gets to the game.

All of this information is contained in a thread official Riot Games where they explain all the details the update, in addition to having the reasons for all the changes.

14 new champions and some deleted

For a start, there will be 14 new champions, but there will also be absences in the update of June 10. For example, the champions of the void disappear (Cho’gath, Vel’Koz and Kha’Zix) as well as the Valkyrie (Kayle, Miss FOrtune and Kai’Sa).

Have also removed Sona, Kassadin and Lux the list of champions, something that justifies that they have added so many new characters to the set 3.

Therefore, they will enter all of these champions:

  • Urgot (Shield – war Machine – cost 5)
  • Viktor (Sorcerer – war Machine – cost 4)
  • Cassioepia (Mystical – war Machine – cost 3)
  • Kog’Maw (Shooter – war Machine – cost 2)
  • Nocturne (Infiltrate – war Machine – cost 2)
  • Illaoi (Fighter – war Machine – cost 1)
  • Gnar (Fighter – Astronaut – cost 4)
  • Teemo (Sniper – Astronaut – cost 4)
  • Bard (Mystic – an Astronaut – cost 3)
  • Nautilus (Vanguard – Astronaut – cost 2)
  • Janna (Keeper of the Stars – Exemplary – cost 5)
  • Zed (Rebel – Infiltrated – cost 2)

    • Contempt for the weak (passive): Every third attack, Zed deals 20/40/80 of bonus magical damage and steals a 25/40/80 % of the attack damage of your current objective.
  • Vayne (Cyber – Sniper – cost 3)

    • End time: Vayne is concentrated during 10 s, performed a pirouette to get away from your target instantly and every third attack thereafter. Vayne is invisible during the pirouette, and the first attack you make after deals 180/200/240 % of your GIVES.
  • Riven (Chrono – Swordsman – cost 4)

    • Stab energy: Riven slips, receives a coat of 300/450/900 and strikes forward dealing 100/150/450 of magic damage. Each third release, Riven jumps up and launches a wave of energy that deals 400/600/1800 of magic damage.

As you can see, there will be new attributes and features that will change the meta of the game, and are the following:

New attributes

War machine – (2/4/6)

  • Attribute: After you inflict or receive damage 10 times, the war machines activate a bonus effect that depends on your current life. If you have more than half of life, dealing 75/150/225 magic damage to the nearest enemy. If you have less than half of the life, heal 75/150/225.
  • Champions:

    • Illaoi: Fighter rank 1
    • Nocturne: Infiltration of rank 2
    • Kog’Maw: Gunner rank 2
    • Cassiopeia: Mystic rank 3
    • Viktor: Sorcerer rank 4
    • Urgot: Shield rank 5
  • How they work:

The machine of war they are champions of powerful to heal after receiving a lot of damage. This increase of resistance, along with its ability to inflict extra damage, allows them to both receive as deal damage depending on the situation.

Is activated according to the structure 2/4/6, which makes it a attribute flexible that it adapts well to a multitude of different compositions. Several war machines have unique skills: Kog’Maw and Viktor inflict damage equal to a percentage of health, Cassiopeia destroys the shields and Urgot can destroy literally anything.

War machines in TFT

Astronaut – (3)

  • Attribute: Reduces the mana cost of the astronauts in 30.
  • Champions:

    • Nautilus: Vanguard rank 2
    • Bard: Mystic rank 3
    • Gnar: Fighter rank 4
    • Teemo: Sniper rank 4
Astronauts in TFT

Copy – (1)

  • Attribute: The basic attacks of the team deal magic damage.
  • Champion:

    • Janna: Guardian of the stars of rank 5

Janna comes to help their fellow guardians of the stars as a new champion, legendary, and brings with it a powerful skill that pushes the enemies and improves the attack speed of your allies. When using the single attribute of Janna, the majority of damage that inflicted your computer will be magic damage, which can be useful if you face to avant-garde.


Other changes to attributes

  • Attributes

    • Chrononow have 4/6/8 as possible combinations.
    • Dark star: it is more and more divided. 2/4/6/8 instead of 3/6/9. Now the dark star receive an improvement every time you die an ally, not only when they die other dark star.
    • Mechapiloto: both the wick as the drivers are going to receive a lot of improvements… Now, when you destroy the mecha, the pilots get a lot of damage.
    • Sniper: now it is divided in 2/4.
    • Vanguard: now it is divided into 2/4/6.
  • Champions

    • Ezreal: now focuses much more on the utility and you can use your skill a lot before, but deals less damage.
    • Syndra: if your ability just with their target, the orbs are directed towards the next goal.
    • Jhin: now the speed of attack increases with the star level of the character.
    • Aurelion Sun: now your ships to drain the mana of the enemies.
    • Ekko: launches its skill before and it attacks multiple times, instead of attack each enemy once. It also reduces the attack speed of enemies it hits.
  • Objects

    • Edge infinity: the probability of a critical carrier, is 100 %.
    • Cannon rapid fire: now, in addition to the extra reach, your attacks can’t miss.
    • Embrace of the seraphim

      • What we have replaced them with a classic Summoner’s Rift: obuffo blue!
        • After casting an ability, the mana of the bearer is set to 20.
    • Load of pyrotechnic: the war machine looking for recruits! We’ve replaced by Armor of war machine. Grants the bearer the attribute Machine of war… Obviously.
  • Galaxies

    • There will be new galaxies in the version 10.12, but we’re going to remove the Hazy lilac.
    • As of version 10.13, we will add a galaxy and we will remove another in each version during the rest of the set.
  • Other

    • The range of champions rank 3 has increased from 16 to 18 copies of each one.
    • Now the champions are sold in exchange of their total value!
    • Now Help Neeko always works. If there is no copy in the template, Neeko will create an additional copy and temporary… just for you.

Have also confirmed the new pass, battle of TFT, which includes new minileyendas, maps and much more. You can read the whole information here.

In addition, we leave you with this thread of the community of The Spatula is where you provide many more details and news about the new TFT: