A few days ago, we told you what are the comps stronger with this first patch the set 3 TFT. In these days, the metagame auto battler of Riot Games already has stabilized (in part), and today we are going to talk about one of the most interesting works that can be done.

Mechapilotos + Infiltrates in the set 3 TFT: damage to the backlane and a tank colossal

What is interesting about this composition is that only you are going to need 7 champions for that is complete. Gangplank is the ideal in the case you can enter a champion moresince the be class pyrotechnic works really well with Rumble.

The Infiltrators will attack the backlane the opponent, ending quickly with it. The Mechapilotos will transform into the giant robot, that will entertain the front-line of your opponents while the Men do their part.

lolchess tft set 3 composition robots

Source: lolchess.gg

As you can see, the composition is formed largely by champions of cost 3 onwards, being the only exceptions Annie and Kai’Sa. The goal at the start of the game is simple: done with infiltrators (touch you have to Kha’Zix until Ekko) and be getting the pieces of Mechapiloto.

Once you have the interest to the maximum, go up to level 7 and start to find the parts you are missing (in addition to level up your characters). The higher the level of the Mechapilotos, the more health you will have the giant robot.

Always keep in mind that the game will show you where you are going to receive the giant robot, so that try to get Kayle ALWAYS be behind him. Kayle is found in this composition for a single reason: will give Kai’Sa the bonus of Valkyrieby doing that do massive damage when you’re below 50% health.

Why you must equip the items of the image

Finally, we explain the objects:

Rumble: Guardian angel (when the giant robot dies, it will come back with some health and will continue pushing damage). Sparkle Ionic (punish the skills of the opponent and reduce his magic resistance to the final of the wick). Resolution Titanic (being the main tank and have as much stamina, will give extra rigidity to the wick).

Kai’Sa: Morellonomicon. (this object is the difference between a Kai’Sa that does decent damage and one that deletes entire teams in seconds). Rabadon (still more damage from AP for his ability). Seraphim (for power spam his ability with more frequency).

Shaco: Cannon rapid fire (the distance of the hit is important, and attack speed, extra also). Edge infinity (the scale with your skill, and makes it a death almost assured). Sword-gun hextech (theft of life that comes to it really well to withstand possible impacts).

If this composition is not convincing to you, you can also take a look at the Rebels 6.