The production company Warner Bros revealed this Thursday, the second trailer for “Tenet” the new film from Christopher Nolan and one of the projects of Hollywood’s most anticipated of the year, which, however, has been removed from their advance the release date by a simple “hit theaters”.

This second trailer is presented in a peculiar form: Inside the video game Fortnite, in a virtual screen of film on which is projected the images.

The interest was to know if they will change the release date for the pandemic of coronavirus, as it was initially planned for July 17, but it is still unknown whether the cinemas will be open then.

Now there are forecasts contradictory to the premiere, because while the trailer has removed any reference to the date, this is maintained in the YouTube channel that published the video.

Also the profile of Twitter has changed their biography and images several times throughout the day, first with the 17 of July, then with the message “come to the cinema” and later with the date to a summer of new.

Few details are known of the plot of the film, which in its latest advancement, he travelled to various countries and shows an air crash, among other scenes of action.

The american actor John David Washington will star in the film with a character that apparently resurrects in a “future life” in which you must work together to “prevent the third World War” and a “nuclear holocaust”.

The film has in the cast with Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debickwhile Nolan also acts as a producer on the tape alongside his wife and partner, Emma Thomas.

The filmmaker has been five times candidate to the Oscars-as a producer and director of “Dunkirk”, as producer and writer of “Inception” and as the screenwriter of “Memento”.

The employment relationship between Nolan and Warner Bros are consolidated with the three films of the renewed saga on Batman, who had joined about 2,500 million dollars in the cinemas (around 2.247 million eur).


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