Surprise in the scene competitive League of Legends in north America.

Travis Gafford, a important creator of content (especially interviews) american has ensured that several sources will ensure that Team Liquid is looking to give out to their star, the AD Carry Doublelift that could be sold before the next split of the summer LCS.

This is an unusual move since Doublelift has for years been the best ADC of the competition, more if we take into account that he still has a half year of contract with Team Liquid, so that its output seems a bit hasty.

In fact, that would only be a few months of contract with his current team makes it even more difficult to the output of the ADC since Team Liquid, despite being looking for a buyer, it will be more difficult to find a team that want to pay a high sum of money because, after all, in half a year could be done with their services for free.

A problem between Doublelift and the managers and coaches of Team Liquid

It is true that Doublelift has had a performance lower than the usual during this split, however, the analyst of the LCS MarkZ says that it has not been so bad as to seek a way out of the computer, pointing to that there could be an open conflict between the player and the managers or coaches of the club.

In fact, the season of Team Liquid has been to forget, starting with the visa problems of Broxah, the lack of motivation of Doublelift and the poor performance of the team in general throughout the split.


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