Rumours continue about the transfer market of the different teams of League of Legends led by Spanish who are preparing for the summer season of the Super league Orange.

According to Jaime Mellado, journalist Esportmaniacos, various sources of this well-known, specialized in League of Legends suggest that Team Cheese sign Kardican “Kadir“Mumcuoğlu to make the new jungle team to partner with the middle Michał “Roison” Dubiel.

Team Cheese has not wanted to confirm or deny the signing, although he has made the following statements to the same environment: “The team wants to take a step forward and keep moving forward in your evolution looking towards the upper part of the table. We are very excited about the project that we have closed and we hope to give a lot of war in this split”.

There is already date for the return of the Super league Orange

The different sets of the Super league Orange are still finalizing their quintets for the summer season, precisely, already has a date, returning the next 15 of June to start its phase regular although before, the da 11, celebrarn a relaying special to give to know all the details of this season.

Image: LVP