Two players more, Tarzan and Wadid, left Griffin, the team that was out of the LCK, the organization announced today.

After a disappointing Spring Split in which Griffin finished in last place, he was sent to the last tournament of ascent of the LCK to compete for a spot in the Summer Split. But lost in the final round to Sandbox Gaming, and were subsequently relegated from the LCK, going to be in the quarter finals of the World Championship to be descended, just in a single split.

After the descent, Griffin announced that it was in the process to rescind the contracts each one of their players and staff. Since then, the organization has gradually freed the players from their contracts and helped them to move to other horizons. Just this week, Hanwha Life Esports signed the former bottom lane of Griffin, Viper.Tarzan and Wadid were two of the most important names in the squad. Tarzan was with Griffin for several seasons, leading the team in his impressive career for the World of 2019. However, it was not easy in his career. Suffered the abuse and mistreatment of his former coach and recently had to strive to leave a good impression in the party of decline in which Griffin was forced out of the LCK.

However, Tarzan succeeded in maintaining the status of being a jungle of world-class and should not have problems to stop to find a new home.

To Wadid does not seem to suit him so well at this time. Only participated in the last month of the residence of Griffin in the LCK and, in recent years, he played on three teams in three different regions. However, he had a brief stint as a commentator in Korea, so you may want to return to that role.

Griffin now has only four active players on your list: Hoya, Sword, Irove and Naehyun.

This article was originally published in English by Samuel O’dwyer the may 21, 2020.