Recent the acknowledged site of Esports Charts has made a ranking about the most popular teams in the competitive League of Legends in all that is 2020, and the squad that heads up this was T1 (Former SK Telecom T1). Specifically, the list has as main figure the unique viewers that has had each team in their games during the split past.

Total top10 e496384ed001bd050b76a5b3faabb685 750x422 1 - T1 tops the list of the most popular teams in League of Legends so far in 2020

It should be noted that in this ranking have not been considered to be the platforms unique to China, so the top 10 would be this:

  1. T1 (Korea): 358,7 k
  2. G2 Esports (Europe): 284.9 k
  3. DragonX (Korea): 270.8 k
  4. Fnatic (Europe): 270.8 k
  5. Gene.G Esports (Korea): 260.9 k
  6. Origin (Europe): 227.4 k
  7. The Misfits (Europe): 220.6 k
  8. MAD Lions (Europe): 220.5 k
  9. Griffin (Korea): 217.2 k
  10. Team SoloMid (North America): 213k

What is curious is to note that the champions of Korea and Europe are the ones who top the list, otherwise to North America it occupies the last place with Team SoloMidteam that managed to be crowned champion of the LCS.

The curious thing will be to see the numbers of viewers in the next split, when to expect that things are, slowly, returning to normal, although still nothing is secure against the pandemic coronavirus.