The new chapter of The Pog Statethe podcast on the LCK submitted by Max “Atlus” Anderson and Nick “LS” Cesare, had two very special guests: Joe MarchCEO T1 and Arnold HurCOO Gene.G Esports. Talked about the franchises and the current state of the LCK.

The franchises are to the back

Both guests agree that the franchise system it is something positive and that should have come before. With this, will the LCK is in a league more international. But, what should keep the names to be Korean or is it better to attract more brands international?

For Marshteams national should have prioritybut it is also good that between new blood. However, he says that: “It has to be the new blood, proper,” teams that are going to worry about the league and its development. With this, he says that if you do not can be found of top 10 teams as of committed, it is best to start out with eight and keep adding with the time.

Hur completely agrees, and adds that not everything is based in the capital you have an organization, it is more important to have commitment and a business strategy. As an organization, clarifies, sometimes you have to sacrifice your interests for the good of the league and that if you stick to teams that don’t go by this way, the league will suffer and it will be difficult to kick them out.

The importance of the content and of the competition

The LCK is in a league of very attractive because it has some fans very passionate and for the great market potential that is, a potential that both Marsh as Hur, are seeking to exploit to the maximum.

When Hur came to the LCK, no one was content and, for him, even though he is important to compete in the Crack, also what is the compete in both the business as well as in the content. If you do not, you will not get large investors and not develop your brand. The content part of the competition.

Before, only Gene.G exploiting this, but, with the arrival of T1 and its content, other organizations are starting to wake up and compete, as DragonX. In addition, it clarifies that it’s important that you have a communication between the organizations to have a competition just in this area.

Current state of the LCK

The LCK is stagnant and the teams play of a passive or defensive. However, Hur gives a logical explanation to this same.

First of all, you must be aware of the general structure of the LCK. The existence of a Tournament Promotion making the most of equipment don’t want to risk or try new things for fear of falling and lose your precious square in the LCK.

Marsh agrees and adds that if a team in the LCK wants to play way to risky and aggressive, the rest of the teams are not going to follow and are not going to stop playing that way. For this reason, the league does not evolve and has remained so stagnant; because there is no margin for error.

However, Hur throws some light and talks about the transition that is living the league. The players they begin to have more freedom and can express their ideas, while the coaches they are mere facilitators; something that T1 has already been implementing.


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