A week ago we took an article of escharts, a specialized in audience measurement and the impact of the same within the industry of e-sports, something very valuable and necessary to buy, for example, major league.

In fact, is what concerns us in the present day. As we said in the last text that we devote to escharts we saw what games and their respective competitions dominated in the month of April, and today the topic is similar, but not equal.

We are going to focus on League of Legendsthe sport-mail that reigns in Spain and around the world, and more specifically, in the major leagues in the world, which focused the eyes of millions of viewers that there is for the planet.

According to the latest survey of escharts, the LCK and the LEC are the 2 competitions more views in the split spring, staying quite far away from the LCS, the VCS and the LPL.

Data of the competitions of League of Legends more views in the spring

The competition of South Korea took a peak 1.074.931 viewers with 293 hours of playback; the LEC, for its part, 817.397 peak at 145 hours.

Yes, here are the viewers global. If we stick to the western audience, the european competition has been the most watched, with a peak of 555.367 viewerswhile the LCS meets 385.666 peak.

Data of LEC and LCS according to the western audience

It is clear that, for spectators, LEC is much more interesting than the LCSeither by level, by equipment or by the narrative of the players of Europe. Or is it for the G2 Esports?

G2 Esports is the most popular team in the west

The samurai of Ocelot have carved out a way spectacular since its foundation, between 2014 and 2015 (you know, F for Gamers 2).

The set of Perkz and company won their 7th european title tying Fnatic, clear frontrunner until this year in the region, in addition to position yourself as the team’s western most followed in the world.

Top 10 teams in a row, according to the average viewers

As seen in the graph, T1 dominates with an average viewers of 358.700, G2 Esports he continues with 284.900 and DragonX and Fnatic tied for 3rd place with 270.800 spectators.

TSM is the only set of the LCS that appears in the graph (213.000 viewers on average), while the rookies of The Misfits and MAD Lions have been strained between the teams more closely thanks to its large role in LEC.

The team Faker it is, clearly, the team is most followed in the world and, possibly, the most beloved, either by being the most successful club in the world or because they have the best player of the history.

Conclusion: a T1 vs G2 Esports currently reventaría the data

Escharts has also analyzed the parties having regard to the split spring, being the end of the LCK between T1 and Gene.G the most peak has had: 1.07 million.

Matches most viewed of the split spring

After this match is the final of LEC between G2 Esports and Fnatic, with a peak of 817.300 viewersand the rest of the clashes of the stars T1 in the LCK.

What this tells us? If reviviésemos the semi-finals of Worlds 2019 between G2 Esports and T1 today, probably all these data “reventarían”, because neither of us could even begin to imagine the amount of viewers it would have.

In addition, this confirms that League of Legends continues to grow, and it’s overwhelming the data of each league. Since then, in the summer go more, and we are convinced of this.

*all data is with audiences of Twitch.