Nintendo is facing another legal action for the problems caused by the now-famous Joy-Con Drift. The complaint was filed yesterday in a Seattle court. This is a technical malfunction that has caused many problems for the company, which is forced to face multiple lawsuits in the United States and beyond.

Joy-Con Drift is a problem that occurs on Nintendo controllers when joysticks cause a character or cursor to move involuntarily. Gamers have complained about the issue since the console was launched, but the first lawsuit was only filed in 2019. Nintendo began offering free repairs for controllers affected by the malfunctions shortly after. The problems also continued with new console models, such as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

In the new case, the lawyers also attached a technical “breakdown” completed by an expert. The expert in question suggests that Joy-Con Drift is caused by wear on the controller’s internal bearings. Lawyers say Nintendo is aware of the problem and is not adequately informing its customers. Consumer advocacy investigations were requested in France, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as comment from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa regarding ” problems caused to customers “.

The lawsuit describes a user’s experience with the Nintendo Switch system, noting that the problem started three months after purchasing the console. The controllers were repaired by Nintendo but showed the same malfunction again after a few months. Nintendo repaired the controllers for a $ 40 fee.

Included in the case are photos of the disassembly of the controllers and microscope images showing damage to internal circuitry. The lawsuit denounces unlawful and unfair behavior on the part of Nintendo, as well as fraud against consumers.

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