the obverse is the Kickstarter success story that has raised over a million dollars in crowdfunding with the promise of a sci-fi RPG with tactical combat in which you will be the commander of a ship full of sexy aliens all in an erotic sauce.

Sometime after its reveal, players have been waiting for a long time for gameplay: now, the gameplay has arrived, but the preview was shown by a controversial YouTuber, Arch, who is not well seen by the Games Workshop community. enough to be blacklisted. The reason? Arch has a second channel dedicated to topics like Islam, immigration and claims its right to use the n-word.

Well, when the Subverse video was posted on Reddit over the weekend, there was such a backlash that the moderators finally said, “We will automatically remove any future content created by this YouTuber on our subreddit .” The creators of Subverse, Studio FOW responded quickly and apologizing. Community manager FOWChan posted on Discord that, ” At the time we didn’t know he had made racist and other controversial statements in the past ” and that “we didn’t look into his background as much as we could, and now that we know it was a mistake.”.

All finished? Not exactly. The apology post was later deleted and replaced with a: ” Regarding the previous statement regarding Arch, we were suddenly bombarded with posts from different political groups, and as a result, we acted quickly. We would like to clarify that we have no problems. with Arch personally. We just wanted him to show some of our gameplay, which Arch did professionally and was very kind. We appreciate that he spent his time and we want to say we’re sorry for jumping into a politically charged situation so quickly. Subverse doesn’t it has no political affiliation, it is a game for everyone “.

Contacted for comment, the development studio said, ” We have no further comment at this time and are excited to reveal more Subverse footage to the public in the coming months! ” As for the YouTuber, he himself says he is “being ironic” on his channel, even though his Discord channel says otherwise.