Two computers, mouse, keyboard, and pedals! Saskio demonstrated how to play League of Legends with all the body. This is your story of how you got to Platinum playing with two accounts at the same time in all games.

Saskio is a player of united States who plays on the server from North America to League of Legends, he is Challenger on his main account, and even confirmed that it wants to turn into a pro player. Won the “Riot Games Sponsored Collegiate” in 2017 and 2019, so that is not unknown in the region. However, yesterday opened a post on Reddit where he surprised the world by demonstrating how he was able to get to Platinum playing duo in the botlane with him in SoloQ in NA.

For a start, the key is to play all the time ADC/Support, and that support will always be Yuumi (tried to play once Soraka and it was very bad). If Yuumi is banned directly out of the game and had the luck never the matchmaking forced him to play another position.

The Setup of Saskio to play two accounts at once.

Saskio play ADC in your main computer, while the account of Yuumi has her on a laptop, and the plays with their feet, taking advantage of the fact that the character is added to the other to move. In his right foot has a mouse to move to Yuumi (which does not need too much), and in your left foot with three pedals: one for W, one for E and another for the Heal of Yuumi. While the ADC is played in the conventional way, has a mouse, extra for when you need to go to the store and purchasing items with Yuumi.

Saskio got placed in Silver 4 after the 10 games of positioning and since then it took less than 100 games in scale with both accounts to Platinum, really impressive. These are his stats in



When many fail to spend your Gold, Silver, Bronze or Iron, this player showed all his potential and we will see if in the coming years what we have playing in the LCS of north America, since that ensured that she would love to be part of a team like TSM or Cloud9.


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