The streamer DrDisrespect took part in a charity event related to Call of Duty: Warzone. There he lost his temper when nasty viewers chased him over the map.

That was the situation: The charity event “Cracked Creators” by David “Hitch” Edwards went for 10,000 dollars and numerous content creators and professionals from the CoD area, who are among the top earners there, were there.

This also included DrDisrespect and his partner ZLaner. However, they did not have a good day and could not win a lap. The reason: Often they were terrorized by stream snipers who were just out to kill the two players.

DrDisrespect is angry on Twitter

This is how the stream snipers disturbed: DrDisrespect streamed the whole tournament live. Viewers looked closely and then entered a new lobby with the streamer. Some got lucky and were then put into the same lobby as DrDisrespect.

Then they followed exactly where DrDisrespect was in the stream and literally chased the streamer. There was hardly around where this was not the case.

Already in the first few rounds, they met such a stream sniper, which DrDisrespect had then switched off. The streamer responded by saying, “I will never again enter a Warzone tournament without delay, never.”

You can see it in the Livestream at minute 2:55:56:

In the end, DrDisrespect sounded really desperate: “That’s it for me today. I’m literally losing brain cells. […] The tournament took me out of the game completely. Lesson learned. I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a problem … but it’s an awfully big problem. ”

This is what the streamer wrote on Twitter: After the tournament, DrDisrespect also shared it on Twitter against the stream sniper.

He described this type of gamers with some insults and summed up: “Nothing is as bad as being chased on the stream by a few would-be gamers during a charity tournament.”

DrDisrespect wasn’t alone: ​​It wasn’t just DrDisrespect that was followed by stream snipers. Besides him, Jack “Courage” Dunlop was also affected. He then wrote on Twitter: “I’m officially withdrawing from Warzone tournaments.”

The tournament wasn’t the first time Stream Snipers had been up to mischief in the Warzone. Other streamers have already been affected by such nasty players:

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