In this guide Assails the Agency in Fortnite accounts with detailed descriptions, screen shots and maps to overcome each of the challenges and you take it easy all the rewards.

Before the end of this season, you’re going to have to overcome all the challenges of Assaults the Agency in Fortnite, a series of challenges that will win you a compendium of cosmetics and also experience that will help you to raise your level of the pass battle.

We only have five challenges in the challenges of Assaults the Agency in Fortnite, some very simple like the landing at the Agency, and others more complicated, like the swim on hatches in the Agency, or delete cohorts in different shelters that are scattered around the map.

It is for this reason that we offer a guide to complete all of the challenges of Assaults the Agency in Fortnite season 2with detailed descriptions about the resolution of the challenges and also maps and screenshots.

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Storm the Agency in Fortnite: how to complete all the challenges

You’ll be able to get a number of cosmetics and also experiences for overcoming the challenges, and if you get to spend the five challenges and you will win the reward as the delta wing Shadow Stealth.

This is the list of all the challenges of Assaults the Agency in Fortnite:

  • Lands in the Agency
  • Survive circles of the storm (10)
  • Opens a chest with lock faction in different bases of spies
  • Nothing superfluous hatches in the Agency
  • Removes a henchman in different shelters (3)

Solution to all the challenges of Assaults the Agency in Fortnite

Lands in the Agency

Sure you already know where is located the Agency, right on the island in the central area of the map, in quadrant E4. Well, you got that landing on the same.

Survive circles of the storm (10)

What you can do in different games, and basically you have to survive 10 closures of the circle of the storm. You can go completing in a natural way in the games, or adopt a strategy of passive for three games to complete it as quickly as possible.

Opens a chest with lock faction in different bases spies

Are the locked chests with a scanner ID that you can find in the Shark, the boat, the Grotto, the Platform or the Agency. You can open if you bring a henchman in tow or transformándote on henchman through a phone booth.

Nothing envelopes hatches in the Agency

To overcome the challenge of anything about hatches in the Agency in Fortnite, we must locate the five that are there and swimming about them. The greatest difficulty is to attempt to eliminate us because it is always an infected area of enemies.

In this map you can see the location air all of these hatches that are in the water:

And in particular this is the design of one of the hatches, so that you know what you’ll find while you’re swimming.

To overcome the challenge you must swim on the five hatches that surround the Agency with the utmost care not to hit the enemies, whether they are henchmen or other players, that will be in full earth apuntándote to make a few deletions, extra. If you do well, you’ll get 40,000 points of experience as reward.

Kills a henchman in different shelters (3)

In particular we must choose three of the five shelters that are on the map, and delete a servant on each one of them. What you can do in different games.

If you don’t know what are the shelters, although you already did a challenge a few months ago, you offer the situation of each one of them on the map:

Now you know how to complete all of the challenges of Assaults the Agency Fortnite season 2to gain experience and also with a few cosmetic interesting. Don’t forget to make the challenge a secret he has held a truce in Fortnite season 2.

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