Seven months after the event that ended with the Fortnite original and left us with a black hole for two days, finally we have a live event in the end of the season within the battle royale of Epic Games, and that was confirmed with the countdown that began a few hours ago.

As expectedthe machine of the Day of Judgment that is located in The Agency, and that can be seen from the room of Midas, will be in effect the key to the event and already we know when it will be activated and will start the event of the end of the season.

Thanks to the countdown, which brand is that in seven days will arrive at zero, we know that el event will take place next Saturday, may 30. The hours stated are the 20:00hs(Spain) / 15:00(Arg) / 14:00(Chl) / 13:00(Mex), so that in all Spanish-speaking countries will be a good time to enjoy the event.

As you can see, were also activated the hatches that you see in several of the sectors on water map, so that without doubt will have an impact on the event. We can only hope the small updates in the map that will be happening in the face Saturday, when it all makes sense with the event of the Final Day of Judgment.