Lima, Peru.-. From 2019, the Clear comes rolled out a series of actions around the community gamer, such as the creation of Clear Gaming, the co-realization of the festival “Light Gaming But Gamers”, the launch of the “Sure Guardians League”, among other activities. This year, has decided to develop the Clear Gaming Squad Cup FORTNITE-format 100% digital, with prizes that add up to around S/ 20,000, and which will bring together over 600 players at the national level.

“Since we started with the Light Gaming we’ve given you sure steps, thanks to the continued feedback we’ve gotten from gamers, who have helped us to understand their preferences and demands, which in turn has allowed us to devise new actions and tournaments on the pro support you on your path toward professionalization. Today we are going for a tournament 100% online that fosters the competitive spirit with one of the video games more often now.” said José Miguel Espinosa, Manager of Image.

Logitech has added to the initiative Clear, through its brands gamer, Logitech G and Astro Gaming, to equip you with a great setup to the participants through exclusive discounts. In addition, they will deliver peripherals gamers of high-quality winners, and drawings will be held during the transmissions.

“We are very happy that we definitely have added to your event which I’m sure will become one of the tournaments in Esports most important in the country. Logitech, as the absolute leader in the category of peripherals with gamer, assume gladly the responsibility of promoting the development of the people through video games and generate spaces that promote the growth of those who want to take it as a profession.”, added Mario Romo olive Groves, Country Manager of Logitech in Peru.

Clear has also been called ESB (Electronic Sports Broadcasting), peruvian company that will take care of the organization and the transmission of the games. The tournament will be cross-platform, which will allow the participants to connect from different devices (Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Switch, iOS, Android, etc) in order to compete.

“With this action we reaffirm our commitment to the professionalization of the sport, both for the discovery of talents for the realization of higher-level skills in Peru. PROVIDED belongs to the genus ‘Battle Royale’ and is one of the video games with more followers in our country, therefore we decided to choose him for this tournament,” noted Espinosa.

Entries and prizes
The inscriptions will be available on the web May 26th to July 05. The teams will participate in mode ‘squads’, that is to say, in groups of four players. Each game will be broadcast via live streaming and will feature commentators specialized in gaming.

Participate around 160 squads that will be divided in two series of four dates and a final. The end of the 1-series will be on 5 September and the end of series 2 on November 14, the absolute end will be held on the 28th of November.

The first post will win S/. 4,000 and four headphones Astro A40 (valued at S/ 4,000), the second because S/ 2,000 and four keyboards Logitech G815 (valued at S/ 3,000), while the third place will be awarded S/ 1,000 and four headset Logitech G Pro (valued at S/ 2,000).

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