Star Citizen, the immense space simulator by Roberts Space Industries, has reached a new, impressive milestone: in fact, it has reached 329 million dollars in crowdfunding.

The mammoth figure was reached thanks to the thousands of people who, still today, continue to invest time and money in the project, whose production officially began in 2011. Nine years later, a colossal budget, but still no date. exit in sight.

Precisely the long development times, due to a constantly expanding vision of the developers, have led many backers to withdraw from the project asking for a full refund of their investment. Others, on the other hand, more than the long timescales, were disappointed by the direction taken by the team, arguing that the current Star Citizen is no longer the project they wanted to finance.

Considering that the money continues undaunted to pour in from all directions, it seems that the disappointed players are a very small slice.

How was the $ 329 million milestones reached? Thanks to the sale of the spaceships, the main method of financing the game. At present, the game boasts 90 spaceships, all of which can be used to explore the universe created so far.

Some of these ships, by virtue of their capacities and sizes, can reach quite high prices. The latest was announced just recently, the Perseus, a spacecraft over 100 meters long, sold for a whopping $ 600. It should be noted that, according to the developers, all ships can be purchased with game credits, but this will only happen after the official release of the title.

Thanks to the sale of the ships, Star Citizen has now become the highest budget video game ever made (or rather, in the making). The figure reached is so high that it can be compared to that of an incredibly famous (and expensive) film like Avengers: Infinity War, whose estimated budget ranges between 316 and 400 million dollars.

Star Citizen is not the only project lost in a limbo of money and darkness: even the single-player spin-off Squadron 42, whose release was scheduled for some time ago, no longer appears on the horizon.

The developers assure that these delays are devoted to the refinement and expansion of the two titles, but how long can this situation last? What is your opinion on this?

Currently, Star Citizen and Squadron 42 don’t have a release date.