Spider-Man Miles Morales for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 allows us to take on the identity of the second Spider-Man, the well-known Miles Morales , a pupil of Peter Parker .

In your opinion, is playing a human being too boring? Well, you’re in luck then, because the game hides a secret character: the even more famous and iconic … Spider-Brick !

Ok, let’s face it: there is no secret character, it’s just an extremely funny glitch. Twitter user Rob Sheridan posted a video on the social media, where he shows a clip of Spider-Man Miles Morales in action, with a peculiarity: instead of controlling the superhero, he is playing as a brick, but always in possession of the his original skills.

According to Sheridan, he simply collided with an in-game wall, and, for some strange reason, his character was replaced by this brick, now nicknamed Spider-Brick. A full-blown glitch, of course, but with incredible charm.

Unfortunately, this is not a glitch that lasts forever: if Spider-Brick takes part in a fight, the game crashes. The poor brick with superpowers has a pretty short life.

Insomniac has always had eyes and ears open when its fans find glitches or peculiarities within its games, turning them on various occasions into real easter eggs.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will find Spider-Brick as a nice easter egg hidden in one of the next titles?

Recall that Spider-Man Miles Morales (with only Miles Morales) is available on PS4 and PS5.