Sony invested $ 250 million in Epic Games, owner of the popular video game Fortnite and the mobile application Houseparty.

Sony, the manufacturer of the PlayStation, has not revealed the price you paid for the shares of the private equity firm. Bloomberg first reported last month that Epic was close to securing funding at a valuation of approximately $ 17 billion.

The last few years, Fortnite has had a strong influence in the games and in the culture. The game had more than 350 million players since Aprilbenefitting from the influx of people who spend more time at home during the pandemic of coronavirus. The quarantine has also been a blessing for Houseparty, which allows people to chat by video and play with their friends. Around 50 million users were registered to use the application in march and April.

Sony is preparing for the presentation at the end of this year for the PlayStation 5the first major release of the console games for the company since 2013. Sony worked with Epic in a new version of the development tools, games, startup, Unreal Engine 5, and adapted to the hardware of PlayStation 5. The companies demonstrated the technology in may.

Epic focuses primarily on the games, but Tim Sweeney, the executive director, said Thursday in a press release that shares a vision with Sony of a “convergence of games, movies and music”.

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