We all know ElMillor, one of the streamers Spanish largest League of Legends, both for their level of ability as so controversial that it can be at times.

Although it is not of your devotion, Elm is a streamer that you are vigilant for League of Legends and its community, and is something that shows with initiatives such as the SoloQChallenge, the 2nd edition of the tournament qualifiers.

In this article we are going to break down what is exactly the SoloQChallenge, who participates in it and, above all, what you can earn for free if you participate actively in the predictions.

From a great amount of Riot Points up prizes of brands of peripherals, professionals valued in the hundreds of euros. In addition, the participant wins of the 32 that compete will receive a prize of 20,000€.

Rules of the SoloQChallenge and participants

For a start, the SoloQChallenge has rules stipulated that all participants have to comply with, and are the following:

Rules of the SoloQChallenge

Some of the rules are clear: do no stream sniping, play only on EUW and the games have to be stremeadasif not, it will not count.

In addition, Riot Games will give all participants an account to compete in the SoloQChallenge, that must rise from unranked up to Challenger.

The player who is in best position will be the winner of the competitionalthough there will be more recognitions to the rest of the participants if they get different achievements.

Participants of the SoloQChallenge

There will be a total of 32 streamers and recognized by players of League of Legends, from Werlyb or Th3Antonio passing by Adryh, Miniduke, Shiro, Electrokidi or Diamond.

List of participants

In fact, I leave you with a gallery that we prepared the other day with photos of all the participants of the tournament to not miss a single detail.

Prizes of the tournament

The grace of the SoloQChallenge is to grant recognition and awards to those that achieve certain objectives in the tournament, and there are all sorts of things.

For example, the winner of the competition will be 10.000€, the second, 1000€ and a computer Zephyrus S valued at almost 3000€, and the third,€ 500 and a Zephyrus G valued at 1300€.

But there will also be mini prizes that consist in the achievement of objectives, but still do not know quçe prize will each one:

  • First to reach Challenger
  • First to reach Diamond
  • Getting to Diamond with more win rate
  • First to reach Master
  • First to reach GrandMaster
  • Reach Master or GrandMaster with a higher ratio of victories
  • More games played
  • First Pentakil
  • Two Pentakill in the same game
  • First streamer with more than 30 murders in a game
  • Best OTP (most games with a single champion)

Win a multitude of prizes only to make predictions

The novelty of the SoloQChallenge is that any user that you follow the contest you can win valuable prizes in Riot Points, and even peripherals professional brands.

The Pick’Em the SoloQChallenge has a very simple operation. League your account to Twitch with the tournament and you’ll be able to make a classification of how you think that going to be the participants.

Information of the points of Pick'Em

The awards they are divided into weeks, and how exciting it will be to the end, since the prizes are fired:

Awards of the week 1

  1. 7200 RPs
  2. 5000 RPs
  3. 2800 RPs
  4. 1380 RPs
  5. 1380 RPs
  6. 1380 RPs
  7. 1380 RPs
  8. 1380 RPs
  9. 1380 RPs
  10. 1380 RPs

Awards of the week 2

  • 7200 RPs
  • 5000 RPs
  • 2800 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs
  • 1380 RPs

Awards last week

  1. ROG Delta White + ROG PUGIO II + ROG STRIX SLICE + 14400 RPs
  2. ROG PUGIO II + 7200 RPs
  4. 2800 RPs
  5. 2800 RPs
  6. 2800 RPs
  7. 2800 RPs
  8. 2800 RPs
  9. 2800 RPs
  10. 2800 RPs

Award the user with the most points (add up all the weeks)

  1. TUF Gaming reviewed 1,159€

We recall that the SoloQChallenge will last something less than 22 days (of the 6 of may to the 27th of this month) and will start at 12:00 in the morning Spanish time.

In the official page you can see all the streams and you know if they are online or not, so that you can meet new content creators or follow your favorites.