We tried to fund Fortnite in OnePlus 8, one of the first Android terminals that allow you to play at 90 FPS per second, making the game Epic experience much more smooth and fluid, and with a performance superior to that of the consoles of today.

Released a little less than two months, the OnePlus 8 it is one of the phones top of the moment, as much by performance as by other features (fast charging, materials, etc.). So much so, that the OnePlus 8 is one of the first phones capable of moving Fortnite to 90 frames per seconda rate higher than that provided by the consoles of today, as can be PS4 or Xbox One, which does not exceed 60 fps.

This has been possible thanks to the technology agreement developed between OnePlus and Epic Gamesthat have allowed to optimize the game for the screen and processor of this terminal. This agreement is pioneering, which makes the family of devices OnePlus 8 in the first to allow this option.

The key to achieve this superior performance is in two key components, the screen Fluid Display of 6.55 inches (resolution QHD+ with wide-screen format, without just frames and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, up to 120Hz in the case of the Pro version) and the Snapdragon processor 865. Both of these components are responsible of doing this to advance and a game on mobile to allow for such frame rates.

We have been testing it thoroughly these days the model OnePlus 8 and if you are looking for a phone that is able to move games powerful, is without a doubt one of the options to consider in these moments, especially if you have the educated eye, and notes the difference between playing at 30, 60 and 90 FPS, because it is something that you’ll appreciate from the first second.

To access this mode of refreshment of screen, just start the game, access the settings of Fortnite, and in the first menu, you will find all the options available to adjust FPS. If your mobile phone is a OnePlus 8, there will be a last option to select the long-awaited 90 fps.

Play Fortnite at 90 fps on a mobile phoneyou will notice, both by the smoothness with which it moves the game as at the time of rotate the camera or point. In addition, we have played with the remote Razer Kishi, of which we have been giving a good account from a few days ago, and well, the experience is, if anything, more like playing with a handheld console such as Nintendo Switch, but with a screen refresh and higher resolution.

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In this way, the controls are identical controls to play on console, without having to interact with the touch screen for anything (it works well, but for those who are accustomed to the physical controls… there is nothing that can replace a remote control).

Without a screen capable of moving to 90 FPS is complicated to be able to see the feeling “real”. We have uploaded video clips to various video platforms (some in the video above, another in the snippet below), for without a a screen of those features in house, it’s impossible to appreciate it in its full magnitude. But I say that note… and pretty.

The proposal of Fortnite to 90 fps in OnePlus 8 it is complemented with another more detail: a map of the way Creative designed to squeeze out the maximum performance of the OnePlus 8 in the game, through four challenges that will test your accuracy, your speed of movement or ability to fall.

This map is called, simply, “90”, and any player can access it from Creative mode, entering the code 2224-6931-5666 to replace any of the islands that you have available. You can also view this map in the video that accompanies this article…

Logically, putting the game at 90fps has a unique counterpart, and that is that the terminal activates all his power, which causes the processor to generate more heat and raise the general temperature of the terminal, making the battery to drain faster…

Only happened on one occasion, during the last week, but in the days that more heat has done, and we’ve exceeded 30 degrees, and it appeared to us the message that there is in the image of a little higher. After we continued playing normally at 90 fps, and never more has made us to spend… but it is also good to know that the mobile has defensive measures against the heat you can generate by playing at 90 fps.

What you get in return is worth the terminal, climb a few degrees of temperature: play 90 fps to Fortnite it changes the feel of the game, especially if you come from PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. It can be difficult to digest, but yes, it moves with more ease that in console…

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