League of Legends unveiled just a few days ago the Mid-Season Streamathon, a joint initiative of 48 hours, and will involve all regions of the world with the Mid-Season Cup between South Korea and China, as the great attraction competitive with the best teams of both countries.

In the Old Continent we will have what we have dubbed as the European Face-Off, now that they have unveiled you will have the support of the organizers of the major national leagues and with the seeking, as highlighted in its press release, “celebrate the spirit and diversity of the scene competitive european”.

In total will be six teams participating, five of which will be national teams while the rest will be a special template of the LEC that will defend Europe as a whole, although they have not yet revealed the names.

In terms of national teams, O Gaming will represent France, the LVP to Spain, Freaks 4U Gaming to Germany, PG Esports to Italy and Frenzy to Poland. All of them are partners with Riot Games in the respective countries and are directly involved in the management of the regional leagues, which are, together with the Uk, the most important of the continent.

It is not clear in the statement if the teams will be formed by players from that league —which no doubt would be much more attractive competitive— or they will be representatives of the community, but have confirmed that they will present next week, and immediately divided the teams into two groups.

The group stage will be on Saturday, may 30, from 16:00 to 22:00 (hours peninsular Spanish) and will consist of a league with games to the best of one and no playoffs, which will make every one of the groups with three items. The two best of each group will advance to the next phase, which will be on Sunday from 19:00.

The Mid-Season Streamathon will be a joint initiative that will seek to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus and that will be done continuously during the two days of duration, so that fans of League of Legends have before them an intense weekend.