When you go to browse Reddit, it does so with the hope of finding threads with a wealth of various areas. For example, something news, updates that do not come to your knowledge otherwise, and even discussions curious.

Yes, this latter is what more like to read whenever you are interested in the topic of discussion and always be in a respectful way, something that completes the perfection of this thread.

The issue is that of the smurfsthat , basically, they are alternate accounts of people with more level or elo, and they play in these secondary accounts for different purposes.

From long queue times of players with a lot of level to play with friends with lower MMR than you. Or, as discussed in this thread, do challenges in streaming.

“Of unranked to Challenger”one of the challenges most successful on Twitch

TF Blade and Yassuo, 2 famous content creators of League of Legends, are going to begin to do a challenge that involves reaching from the division lowest to the highest.

Yassuo vs TF Blade, a viral video of both

In fact, TF Blade is known for again and again this series or challenge, and this has been the subject of discussion in this thread from Reddit.

What is the problem? That, to the smurfear, people who are Challenger, Master or Diamond, passed over players of other levels.

Clash also has been affected by the smurfs

This is something that can cause different emotions in the rival teams, from frustration, to a desire of not wanting to continue playing, although they are isolated cases.

If you think about it, how many games you can play in Gold a player who really is Challenger? Do 20 until it passes the division? It should not be a major problem.

What can cause issues is that this is a repeat and that the incentive for the boosteo, a practice by which profit from certain players climbing the elo of other accounts in exchange for money.

That said, he is pure spectacle, and even a way of learning. In Reddit it is argued that many people see these challenges because you can learn how to play a Challenger to low levels, what would be considered educational.

In addition, it is always morbid see how a streamer as good as TF Blade or Yassuo rise in less than, say, a figure, 1 week to Challenger. It’s entertainment.

This does not mean, however, that is problematic, and can ruin hundreds of games to players of lower level. Riot Games has never been expressed in this regard, but, we think, that is part of the ecosystem of League of Legends.

And not only in LoL; this happens in all games onlineand will always happen. What would be the solution? Taken with philosophy of these items, and sing the “GG Next”.

What do you, what do you think? Should it be to punish the subject of the smurfs? What streamers many people watch the to do this practice? What is natural and cannot be avoided? The debate, it seems, will be eternal.