In the off-seasonSong “Smeb” Kyung-ho, extop laner of KT Rolsterrejected all offers and decided to take a rest during the Split of the Spring to return to its maximum level. Fortunately, we will have it in Summoner’s Rift.

A new opportunity

After falling in front of Invictus Gaming 3-2 in the World cup 2018, KT Rolster made a disorderly retreat, and of that super-team they were only Go – “Score” Dong-bin and the Smeb. However, luck will not accompany him in 2019. The top laner had its worst year and was replaced the most part of the season by Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon. Not being able to reach play-offs and the team ended up desbandándose again.

Smeb rejected all offers that arrived during the off-season because I felt that I was not at a high level in order to compete. In addition, it seems that didn’t sit well at all having been replaced.

A few days ago, the player opened stream and she spoke about what she had been doing: “I’ve been giving it her all in my games and I have been in contact with different teams. There’s still nothing decided. […] I’ll come back with a big announcement.” There is no rumor, so we don’t know whether it will continue in the LCK or if shipped to the LPL like many of his compatriots.

PraY and its leaks

Due to a conversation through the client from the LoL between Smeb and your excompañero Kim “PraY” Jong-in, we have known that the top refused to renew for KT Rolster in the past year.

After that the conversation seeps into the stream of PraYthe shooter began to apologize for actively and passively: “Thankfully, the important part has not been seen. […] I’m so sorry, […] I cannot believe that you have committed this error.”

Both players are extremely good, so all in all it was a funny anecdote. To finish, PraY I wished him the best to Smeb: “I’m sure you’ll do well. We’ll see if you come back to be the best.”

Source: Kevim Kim 1 and 2

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