It confirms other rumors that were leaked in the now-famous capture screen to Freeze with many of the movements in the highest competition european for this split of summer. SK Gaming just to announce to announce its roster of LEC of official form, and they clear the doubts: it comes ZaZee to the mid lane from BIG, and Jenax makes rerol to top.

We talk about doubtsand it is not for less because the whole German left a lot to be desired in the split spring. Already in the summer of 2019 not ended with the key that allowed them to get into the playoffs in the spring of the same year. In 2020, and with the output of Made to Fnaticeverything has gone down hill and without brakes.

The shadow Made is elongated

In 2020 year came Trick to replace the player Polish, and much less was at the height. In fact, given the level of this last split, many doubt the continuity of the jungle Korean. Neither Sacre or the invention Ventair were given either solution, and Jenax not managed to transition to the change that was assumed when it entered into the computer by Pirean. At least, the German is going to make rerol to top, where have the rumors that he is giving the callus.

And it’s going to leave the mid lane for the arrival of ZaZeeuntil now BIG. It is an aggressive player, looking for the pressure, but with a champion pool to suit all (9 champions different played in 18 matches in the Prime League German). For the bot lane will continue to Crownshotjust saving this split, and Limit that is going to have a split more than redemption after not giving the level in his debut.

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