This list will show you a few streamers that not only will entertain, but will also help you to improve in League of Legends.

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League of Legends is a video game that’s very popular that people around the world enjoy daily and even broadcast live all the games you play, either in normal mode or punctuated. Thanks to this title (together with Provided), platforms like Twitch get to have millions of people watching how others play, either to learn from others with better skills, or simply to be entertained.

With this, some streamers (people who broadcast live very often) have managed to be particularly popular on the platform. That’s why we’ve put together a list of six people you must follow on Twitch if you like League of Legends:


See the live video of hashinshin in

Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz is an american who began broadcasting for the first time in 2012. Since then, he has been known to be a player especially skilled for the champions related to the upper rail of Lol. Thanks to his sarcastic humor, has gotten a lot of people have finished his career.

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See the live video of loltyler1 in

Tyler Steinkamp (Tyler1) has more than three million followers on Twitch, and his fame is due to his personality intense, angry and extroverted. In his transmissions, he has been seen to shout strongly to achieve plays hard, and has been banned more of a time for negative attitudes. Even so, has gained great recognition over the years.

SKT Faker

See the live video of Faker in

Faker is the star in the center lane of SKT Telecom T1, the team that nothing more and nothing less has been three times world champion of League of Legends. It is considered to Faker as a master of the game whose skills are envied by the majority of people that have played this title.

Faker speaks in Korean in their transmissions, but this does not matter to his followers, who want to see breathtaking games of this professional.

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See the live video of Gosu in

For a long time the face of “Hi I’m Gosu” was a mystery. What little is known of this player is that it was all a expert to control shooters as Vayne. Their transmitting frequency is not so high, but impressed whenever he enters a game.


See the live video of Voyboy in

Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani played for several professional teams in north America as Team Curse or Dignitas, but attained great reputation with its channel of Twitch. He has been recognized by play with Renekton, Lee sin and Akalo.


See the live video of Aphromoo in

Zaqueri “Tophromoo“Black is an american current member of team Dignitas. Is specialized for their role of support, so it is a good idea to see if that is your primary role. During its transmissions it is not uncommon to see him making funny comments, or laughing with other people during your game play.

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