“The history of items not working”, must be the phrase most heard by the developers of Riot Games in the last 10 days. And, yes, in effect the history of games of the official client of League of Legends has been presenting problems for more than a week and the Summoners ask themselves time and time again when you will be back to normal.

Well, finally the million dollar question was answered by Riot, and it was Mark Yetter (Riot Scruffy), the Leader of the team and gameplay of Riot Games, who said that very soon will be solved. “We are launching the fix for the history of the games little by little today. Should start to see how it becomes available, and the goal is to return to normal next week”, said on his Twitter account. And added “Avísennos if things look strange, more visibility always helps us, again thank you all for your patience.”

After the comment, several players acknowledged that the game history is available again in the official client of League of Legends, though some others still can’t see it. But, as mentioned, the own Yetter, the idea is that everything will return to normal for the next week, so we still have to overcome a weekend with problems in the history.

Of course, while the History of Games not to work, the Summoners can always turn to pages that automatically collect information such as op.gg to view the statistics of their most recent games, with the aim of knowing how they need to improve and what they did well in their last games.

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