One of the most persistent rumors concerns the next chapter of Silent Hill. Will there be a new game in the series or not? But more importantly, will the potential game be a PlayStation 5 exclusive?

At the moment we can’t answer these questions with certainty, but rumors of a new Silent Hill for PS5 continue to emerge on the net.

The latest rumor comes from Reddit, or rather, a forum user reported a suspicious tweet response from Geoff Keighley to Konami’s tweet in which the company congratulates on the launch of the PS5.

The comment from the host of The Game Awards may have revealed a further clue regarding the potential collaboration between Sony and Konami for the game, but we still remain in the smoky world of rumors.

However, if an announcement ever arrives on Silent Hill for PS5, the next TGA 2020 could be the most suitable stage for a reveal of this type, as previous rumors have already indicated.

What do you think?