Just a few hours the SoloQ Challenge of Elmillor has reached its sixth day, and there has already been a player permabaneado and you will not be able to continue to compete in the tournament.

Shiro is the first player that has gone over the line

During one of his streams playing the tournament, Shiro has insulted of gravity to one of his companions of soloq in the phase of selection of champion. This, taking into account that it is Riot the one that provides the accounts of the tournament, resulted quickly in an understandable permaban. Despite the fact that several of the participants in the tournament have come to insult verbally to any of his fellow SoloQ, but always in streaming and not through the chat, so that have not been penalized.

As is logical, Riot is very careful with the behaviors that are done in the special accounts that provide some players for events like these. Hopefully this will not be a precedent for other bans in the tournament, if not to serve for the remainder of the participants will think 2 times to make comments toxic during their games.

Several players and personalities of the League of Legends community have quickly jumped in to express their disgust towards this kind of actions, since that also harm indirectly to many of them to be able to apply for one of these “accounts of ” Riot” in the future.

In the meantime the tournament continues to progress, and there has already been a player that has surpassed the barreda of the Grandmaster, Flakked. The tournament is still very competitive and, except for this isolated fact, healthy. We will have to wait to see if Riot decides to take additional measures against Shiro by these behaviors.

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