Some time ago, to be precise in the first months of 2019, Creative Assembly revealed to the world that it was working on a new project: a mysterious FPS title. The news, initially a simple rumor without official status, was greeted with amazement and interest by the community.

This is because Creative Assembly, for the uninitiated, is primarily known for having worked on the Total War strategy franchise for several years. Except for the magnificent survival Alien Isolation, the team has made very few titles other than the real-time strategy.

Since then, however, there has been no news of this phantom project. As always, the first thoughts of the community always go to problems in development, up to the gloomy hypothesis of cancellation.

Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case: in a new interview with GamesIndustry, released this week, Tim Heaton, Chief Studio Officer of SEGA Europe confirmed that Creative Assembly’s FPS is still alive and in development. In the same interview, Heaton stated that the studio is looking to create new teams and direct them to develop new IPs.

” Each of our studios has a franchise and they are all well-known, mature and popular names. So what we are trying to do now is create new IPs. There is a new FPS title in development at Creative Assembly and they are creating new teams of development around the new IPs. Our internal studies follow this double strategy: do more with what you have and think of new IPs. “.

SEGA’s words are certainly reassuring for those anxiously awaiting this new project, but they reveal absolutely nothing concrete about the project in question. The only thing we can deduce, given that we are talking about new IPs, is that Creative Assembly’s FPS will not be a sequel to Alien Isolation.

We just have to wait for some official information in the coming months, perhaps at the next Game Awards 2020, or later in 2021, who can say?