The latest news of Fortnite still not be to the liking of the majority of the players. The community is located in a critical moment with the game because they feel that it has lost a lot of potential with respect to other previous seasons.

Since the previous stage suffered many criticism for the lack of new content in the game and lengthen unnecessarily a story that ended not engage with the public and caused many players to ask for a radical change.

The entry of the new season was well received. It is true that you did not bring the revolution that was expected, but the new items were very well received by the community and the pass of battle, with Deadpool on the head, it prompted many players to go back to the game.

In addition, this stage seemed to have a shorter duration and its end is planned for the 30 of April. However, Epic Games launched a press release assures that the new season is delayed until 4 June.


Fortnite is already working on a new event for the game. This is the strong point of Epic Games and is the cornerstone on which revolve all the new content. Their actions are so spectacular that there are people who downloaded the game with the sole objective of being able to live it in direct.

After one of the latest updates has appeared a mysterious counter on top of the area of the agency, which is located in the center of the map. This is one of the first clues that have been found on what you can get to the game soon.