Season 2 of Fortnite 2 is still active and getting enough content on a regular basis. The ultimate in getting to this season was Deadpool with your expected skin. However, the game community is already thinking about the next stage.

And is that, although there are still several weeks for the arrival of season 3, it is certain that users they are looking for clues that will reveal some small detail about what you can reach or about the event that will be held to make the transition.

For a start, there is that mark on the calendar the estimated date for the arrival of the new season. According to the information of the data miners, this season 2 of chapter 2 of Fortnite should finish on the 30th of April. This seems quite logical since it is usual for Epic Games to start their new seasons on Thursday in order to fix mistakes towards the end of the week.

At the moment there is a confirmation on the part of Epic Games, but the data found put the new season on may 1so the dates will continue to coincide. Keep in mind that the situation we are living in the world with the coronavirus can affect in the form of a delay to the implementation of this new season.

With respect to the event or topic that can lead us to this new season there is a lot of information. Obviously, the Agency will form a critical role in this transition as it is the most alive that they have messed up the time.

In addition, they have also found a series of hatches in this location that have generated many questions about its meaning. In some forums it is speculated with the possibility that it will lead us to a room secret.