How to download Fortnite on any Android?

Scam Fortnite

It is widely known that Fortnite is available on almost all existing platforms in the world, however, not all phones and tablets you can with the game due to their minimum requirements. This problem makes many users continue to seek the way to be able to play the game on your phone, so it is normal that some users from falling into scams like this.

With the premise of “download Fortnite on any Android” some users may fall into the temptation of clicking on the link, and it is here where begins the nightmare. The website welcomes us with a similar appearance to the Google Play Store. This could make users believe they are visiting a reliable web and from which we can download the game without problems, but that is not all.

The scam of the subscription payment

Scam Fortnite

If we click on “Install”, the web us force you to share the information up to three times through WhatsApp to inform you of this fantastic opportunity to our acquaintances. It is here where begins the hoax.

But the worst is yet to come, since they share, for the third time the link (by closing the window enough to move to the next point), the website we get redirected to another call Game Zentral, a subscription service that provides guides and tricks quality a bit dubious. The problem is that the person who arrived to the website from the link Fortnite, is with a text box that invites you to enter the mobile phone to subscribe.

Scam Fortnite

Next to this text box displays an image of Fortnite with the title “Tricks and tips”, something that many might understand as the final step to download the game that they began to search in the first place. Error.

Pay almost the same for Netflix in 4K

You only need to enter our phone and press the Continue button to receive a confirmation code for the services of Game Zentral begin to be charged through your next bill from your phone with a price of 3.99 euros per week. Or what is the same, 15,96 euros per month, almost the same for what you would pay for Netflix in 4K. Imagine if a child enter the phone number hoping to be able to download the game.

Apparently, as we can see in the page of terms and conditions of the Game Zentral, the services are provided to users of Orange and Yoigo for a value of 3.99 euros per week, and only those users listed in the service will be able to access the portal with the information contracted for, provided they do so from a mobile connection and not through WiFi.

Scam Fortnite

The interesting thing about all this is that in addition to the way of hiding a subscription is not desired, the actual services offered by the portal Game Zentral is perfectly accessible from the computer, and in the event the website detects that you are from a WiFi connection, we’ll just cancel the loading of the page to read the content (in our case, we just needed to take a look at the source code to access to private videos and all the contents). The worst thing is that the services that are offered are of quite poor quality, and some such as the guide of the Warzone, the cheats for Fortnite or the the guide to get the perfect island in Animal Crossing, are materials completely empty and without information relevant to the user.

How do I unsubscribe from the Game Zentral?

If you are affected by this problem, there are several ways to unsubscribe:

• By clicking on the button ‘cancel’ when you access the portal from your mobile phone.
• Calling the customer care phone 900264441 and following the instructions of handling low.
• By sending an e-mail addressed to applying for the low.

How to turn off third-party payments

Payments to third parties on Vodafone

These payments occur and are permitted because they are activated by default with your operator. It is something that you should take into account, and that you should keep an eye to avoid you to take you scares unwanted. In Vodafone, for example, the option can be turned off if you access the section Options > Payments to third parties. There you will have to disable the options to Allow payments for app stores and content, as well as Allow payments to content portals. Do not hesitate to consult with your operator to avoid any problem and make sure that they are disabled.