Rocket Leaguethe popular mix game cars teleredigidos and football, will be free with micropayments at the end of this summer. Your company is responsible, the developer, california-based Psyonixhas released this news through a statement on its website. This details the changes to the title experience with the jump from 19,99 euros that it currently costs on Steam in order to model “Free-to-Play” that will be available in the Epic Games Store.

Despite the fact that we have recently completed five years of its release, Rocket League is still one of the competitive games online of more success. The game has already accumulated 75 million players, according to data published by Psyonix, and during the past month of march, coinciding with the confinement caused by the coronavirus, reached peaks of up to half a million simultaneous players among all the platforms available (PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

The change to the model of free-to-play with micropayments was something expected since in may of 2019 is to know that Epic Games, the american studio responsible for Fortnitehad purchased Psyonix. In fact, when the game becomes Free-to-Play its version for computers will no longer be available on Steam to be only in the Epic Game Store. Those people who already have it on Steam will be able to continue playing it and will receive the new updates, but will no longer be available to new buyers on this platform.

“The core of the gameplay remains the same, but we’re refining the main menus for ease of navigation –explains the press release from Psyonix–. In addition, we are renovating and improving the main functions, such as tournaments and challenges, and introduce you to progression, cross-platform”.

Image of the video game Rocket League

Image of the video game Rocket League

Those users who have played any game with the current version of Rocket League will receive a distinctive within the game and various rewardsas downloadable content in the form of new vehicles, items and, of course, the possibility of moving all your progress and inventory to the new version Free-to-Play.

The change the traditional purchasing model to Free-to-Play (or Freemium) it is justified in the dominance that this system of monetization has succeeded in the market of the video game in the last few years. The games that more of the money billed, as Fortnite or Pokémon Go, use this business model. In addition, the be free games with micro-payment options is usually a good strategy to get new users.

However, beyond the strategy of monetization is also key to the quality of the game. What is the secret of Rocket League? It could be the instant fun that causes that crazy idea that is to gather cars and a ball, excellent control system, its competitive component, the ability to play four players, their customization options, or the fact of being a game for all audiences… there is Not a single reason to justify it, since it is the sum of all these reasons which has meant that what began as a small separate title finished to be one of the great successes of the last decade.

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