Rocket League is a very popular game, and even maintains a structure of esports is very important and an interesting flow of players. Something that few expected when he saw the light a game of football, then to basketball and other variants) is at the helm of a car.

The history of this title dates back to five years ago, where he had his explosion have been free to subscribers of PlayStation Plus. His success made him mainstream and millions of users bought it.

The news is that the game Psyonix will be free on all platforms from an agreement with Epic Games, the giant behind Fortnite, which will have the game exclusively for PC. Just Epic comes to give enough shock effect with free games, with GTA V as the highest exponent.

Rocket League can be acquired free of charge from the Epic Store and you will have progress between platforms, so that the progress being made on one platform are visible on the other, as happens with Fortnite.

The announcement included some details for those who have the game from before and probably paid for it. Each player will be given the status of heritage and have some gifts in-game, in addition to the legend “Est. 20XX” with the year in which that player began to play.

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