We will be able to enjoy Rocket League this summer, free of charge, once the beloved game of Psyonix d the jump to the model free-to-play. In addition, this change being accompanied by the integration of the progressing cross between platforms: this means that we will be able to select what is our main platform, and carry with us some of our objects to the other systems where also play. We will need, that is, an account of Epic Games to be able to make the leap between the platforms. As the self-study in your new publication in his blog post.

Rocket League and your progress crusader: The details

“The progressing cross-platform Rocket League it is possible with an account of Epic Games“you can read in the blog. “Therefore, create one or log into your account from Epic Games already existing is the first step of the process.” Once players register or initiate session, have that choose your Primary Platform, that is to say, the system where you have progressed ms playing Rocket League. This Main Platform we will be able to change ms ahead.

Once this is done, players will be able to link your accounts PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch Online and Steam the account from Epic Games. Those who have already linked their accounts to other games published Epic (as Fortnite) not have to repeat the process. To link accounts to allow the players to access their inventory across all platforms. That ‘ s: there is that pointing out that there are some elements (caption, or the eSport tokens) that will not be able to be transferredjust like the exclusive items each platform (such as Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, Armadillo, Mario and Luigi NSR, or Samus’ Gunship).

It is essential to have an account of Epic Games

We remind you that, once the game is released free of charge, in computers to be available only in Epic Gamesthe game : the game is removed from Steam, though players who already have the title be able to continue enjoying as always the game. However, version free only it could find in the Epic Games Store. You can find all the details on the progressing cross in the following publication.

Considered as one of the games of the dcada, Rocket League prepares for a new stage in the world of games free-to-play. “Psyonix has been able to trust in your project, fight and not give up until you get it to what ms high“, we from Vandal. “He has managed to keep it in front of the titans as Fortnite“.

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