Despite the efforts of Riot to make the rework of Volibear be the topic most talked about in the week, have not been able to escape the complaints of the community to the toxicity and the deplorable state of SoloQ, which turned out to be the hot topic of the community League of Legends all over the world after the video of former professional player and today streamer, Voyboy.

Voyboy exposed in a video the decay of SoloQ and in general, the problems of toxicity and poor conduct of the players who are more focused on making sure other players have an experience of their lousy game, more than in enjoy League of Legends.

With this in mind, Riot Mort launched a new release in the blog of developers of League of Legends, where he announced that since Riot will be taking new measures to address the “improper conduct”and they begin two of the most recurrent subjects: the dying on purpose (Intear) and step away from the keyboard (AFK).

“Very soon, we are going to improve the way they work the reports, and we’re going to implement the function in the selection of champions. In the medium term, we will test ways of detecting more responsive of these behaviors are deliberate. We are still considering the next steps after that, but the plan is to continue working on this long-term”, he explained Riot Mort.

Since Riot have thought of some solutions to help in this fight against inappropriate conduct. The first, and that will be reflected before the rest, it is improve the feedback of the reports. Mort said they have implemented new improvements and commented the following: “For now, only implemented in north America, and if all goes well, we will implement throughout the world in a couple of weeks. These improvements will result in an increase in the detection of penalties.”

the next step will be the possibility of report and mute in the selection of champions. This will be implemented from the end of June. “First, these reports will be used to establish a database for the behavior in the selection of champions. Then, once we have sufficient information to identify the different types of behavior precisely, we are going to launch a system of penalty”, explained.

Finally, in the medium term will be added to the rapid detection compared with a false-positive. However, this is not decided yet, as they will seek a response from the community, with the high possibility of punishing players who are not involved in inappropriate behavior, and simply your effort is not enough to get victories or are on a losing streak.

And, in the long term, there is not yet any measure that is going to take or is in work, since Riot is defining which path to take in order to improve the quality of play on the part of the interaction of the community, and will report in the future which will be the way to go.

In the case that a concept has not yet been entirely clear, you can see the full commentary of Riot Mort in this link.

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