League of Legends The director of production Jonathan “Bellissimoh” Belliss talked about future lines of cosmetics last night.

The developer Riot explained that there are more themes “different and interesting” on the way to 2020.

Image via Riot Games.

“We hope to offer at least 3 different themes and diverse during the rest of this year,” said Bellissimoh.

Wick Kingdoms made its debut this year, along with more masks, an Astronaut, Pulsefire and High Noon, some fans commented on the nature of these cosmetics. A fan asked for more skins “cute” and “female”. Another claimed that the recent releases are “getting a little bit boring” as they seem to “killer robots giant.”

To address this concern, Bellissimoh promised three diverse themes that will be launched this year. The developer also explained that one of the “main efforts” of Riot is to develop new topics for 2020.

The pandemic coronavirus has certainly thrown a spanner in the plans of Riot, relegating the employees to work from home. While this might cause some delays, such as the postponement of the packages of speakers, Riot is making a great effort to carry cosmetics fresh to the community.