With the imminent launch of TFT Mobile, lovers League of Legends is esperanzaron to see a resurgence of the activity in the accounts of Wild Rift, the mobile version of the MOBA in which Riot confirmed last October to be working.

However, the status update of march of the game served to confirm one thing: its development is still in its infancy and the launch of the game is not a possibility nearby. Brian Feeney, also known as Riot FeralPony is the chief designer of the project, and was responsible for sharing the latest news about Wild Rift.

“We are currently in the design phase of champions”, he explained Feeney at the beginning of the video, which served to understand how much remains for the project to see the light officially. We could also see some changes in the skills that ensure to use best in mobile and consoles.

It subsequently became the most important issue: when you leave the game. And that was the moment where the hearts of the Summoners were broken:“We still need some more time before moving on to the next round of testing and please do not download anything not official, we still have not published anything”, he explained Feeney.

Feeney closed by commenting that they should not expect news soon, but later this year there will be a new video to update the development of the game.

Lack enough for the launch of Wild Rift, so that all makes me think that Legends of Runeterra will make its appearance in mobile before the MOBA, and, of course, this Thursday will make his arrival Riot to mobile devices with TFT Mobile.

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