On the 27th of march, Riot Meddler went up an article explaining some of the work in which Riot Games is working, or is planning to dobut still it is not guaranteed that out to the public. Here is a summary of these new developments in League of Legends:

Top Lane

Riot Games has realized that the changes he has done to the game have affected the top rail. Now, not only there are more people playing in this positionalso the first tower to fall is usually the top, the tops are the most damage tend to do in fights in team or are most murders are carried.

Riot Games has left at stop for now other changes that would affect this role in the interest of the players in the role and the impact that the lane is having on the game.

Avoid the Power Creep

Adjustments to the framework of balance of the SR. The balance team, until now, focused more on buffar instead of in nerfear in all of those levels below the professional levelwhich resulted in a power creep. To change this, it will lower the rates of win % in the mid-level, Skilled, and Elite, with which to decide what to balance.

Changes in the Passes of Battle

In upcoming events, it will cost more to unlock aspects of Prestigeespecially in comparison to what it cost in the recent events. However, win tokens it will be much easier than before in the event of Night and Dawn. Now, for each mission you will need 15 points instead of the 20 that Night and Dawn required.

New narratives in the events

Looking to improve the events of this year, Riot Games wants to work in the narratives and in the stories of the events. Although this is not for all players, they want to try to attract those people who is interested in the stories and, to do this, start counting a history of Lux. Depending on how you react to the community with this first story, will incorporate more narratives similar, which will expand the world of League of Legends.

New game mode

Thanks to the feedback they have received from the community, they know that players want more game modes where you can select the champion you want and that takes less than an ARAM. Therefore, Riot Games aims to make a game mode with these features this year.

Source: Quick LoL Thoughts by Riot Meddler

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