Riot Games has announced today the banners customizable, a new object is static to be able to place at your convenience in Summoner’s Rift and that they will appear in the broadcasts of League of Legends for advertising purposes, by a use similar to the billboards of sports such as football or basketball.

These banners will begin to be seen in the broadcasts of official tournaments from the next split of summer and, subsequently, in the Worlds by the year 2020. These banners also utilizarn in the regional championships to “provide an additional value to certain partner brands”.

In fact, Mastercard and Alienware, two of the main sponsors of the championships are most important LOL, will be some of the first brands that they will appear on the banners in the arena of Summoner’s Rift during the remainder of the season.

To not interfere with the game, the banners are vern in the competitions from the relays but the professional players who are playing the game not vern these banners so they won’t interfere in any way with your visibility.

Both our live events and in our broadcasts online, we strive to define the modern sports to continually innovate with the way in which the audience experiences League of Legends“says Naz Aletaha, director of partnerships of the global team of esports for Riot Games. “For the first time in the history of the game, the banners in the arena of Summoner’s Rift allow that the marks of our partners appear directly on the field of play, which creates an immersive experience that replicates the energy of the stadiums“.

The Super league Orange back on the 15th of June

As we have already told you these banners may also be used in the regional leagues and, despite the fact that an we do not know if also be present in the national what we do know is that the ONLY to return the next 15th of June.