Riot Games presented a new Tale of Runaterra, based in the kingdom of Demacia, where Garen and Fiora are the main protagonists and heroes of the same. With just over two minutes long, the video allows you to anticipate again the expected official launch of the card game known as Legends of Runeterra.

In this Tale of Runaterra, Garen and Fiora’s face a big monster that wants to destroy Demacia, while two small children dream of becoming their heroes when they are older. The child, emulating Garen, while a little girl waits to learn everything that he knows Fiora, and to defend the kingdom.

During the two-minute video we can see animations are very well achieved, as the us has used Riot Games, a leading to these two classic characters of League of Legends that have main cards in the game of cards that many were able to try on the PC during the Open Beta, and that others will discover the next April 30, in mobile.

Yesterday we already had a similar video, with Lux as the protagonist, and a few days ago, during the announcement of the official launch of the game, we were witnesses of a long video with the kingdom of Noxius as prominent. We still have several characters for you to discover, and surely Riot has something prepared for them.

Legends of Runeterra will be officially released for mobile and PC with game crossover and the possibility to handle the account from both platforms, the next April 30. Below you can see a note which specifies the requirements to be able to play it on mobile.