League of Legends we’ve just been pleasantly surprise with the new event of Galaxies 2020, where he returned to the long-awaited game mode One for All, in addition to include variants in the way in which the players get the pieces of events that are then exchanged for prizes.

However, in the latest installment of Quick LoL Thoughts“, the Game Director League of Legends, Riot Meddler, we was even more surprised to announce that after quite some time, a new game mode is being developed, based in particular on the petition bulk of the players.

“A part of the feedback we receive regularly is that some players really want a game mode where they can choose a champion, and at the same time to have a play time shorter than Summoner’s Rift or ARAM“, commented and added: “It has a sense like feedback, especially since our past events have had modes of random selection of champions, or limited control, with King-Pore, ARURF and One for All. As a result, one of our goals is to deliver a game play mode event that has a shorter period of time, and the rules of selection of champions basic this year.

Meddler touches a very important point and shows that the response of the community is always heard by Riot, although it does not appear, and will pop up effect in this 2020, where we will see the new game mode, almost certainly before the end of the year.