Photo via Riot Games

Apróntense, fans of League of Legends. Riot Games revealed today two new cosmetics that they have been added to Senna and Irelia to the line of skins High Noon (Forajidas or Alone in the face of danger).

Senna will come to Summoner’s Rift with a look of High Noon’s gothic classic. She wears a big hat, a layer burning and burning, and mounted a horse in flames. It is also impressive to see their skills, with new animations and sound effects to your Darkness breathless, Last hug and Shadow of the dawn.

The Redemptive will also join her beloved Lucian in the universe of High Noon, where he is trapped in a perpetual battle with an ancient demon in the form of Thresh High Noon. Once more they will fight against his nemesis in another line of time.

Meanwhile, Irelia also received a touch of outlaw with a look of High Noon. Your skin also follows the color scheme and design of the line gothic classic. It even has wings that unfold when he begins his animation.

Irelia also received a buff recently to the base damage of your Duo flawless on the patch 10.10, but has a rate of victories of the 45,38 percent in the top rail, being the ninth champion more play in the role. It is not known if this skin will be able to convince some of the players who choose it once they reach the main servers.

The two aspects may be tested on the PBE server testing LoL.

This article was originally published in English by Tyler Esguerra on may 26, 2020.