Are still difficult times because of the COVID-19, which is affecting the whole planet. The League of Legends professional is not saved, Riot has had to make many changes to their competitive system to be able to follow the competition so “normal”. To achieve this normality, and as many of you know, all the big leagues have been passed to the format online, which is a great effort in terms of production and infrastructure, forcing the developer to make sacrifices in order to keep the competition between them, the Pro View.

The Pro View, one of the low

Pro view

This is the official statement of Riot, where they announce the returns and the opening of the service to all users completely free of charge. Source: Riot Games.

One of the killed has been the Pro View, which does not work since the end of the competition in face-to-face. Riot has wanted to take action in the matter, and have decided to return the money to all users that acquire this service, and have leisurely also the purchases of the Pro View of this split of spring. In addition, as a gift, have put the entire library of videos to the letter of this last split totally free of all the leagues that had this service. You can buy the Pro View fully free from this link.

For those who don’t know, the Pro View is a tool used by many technical staff at the global level, as it allows you to see the points of view in the first person, the 10 players of a game competitive, in addition to displaying statistics in real-time and show a multitude of useful information in the videos to the letter of these games (VODs). Up to now, the price of this service was 9.99€ for a single league and 12.99€ for the LEC and the LCS included.

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