League of Legends Wild Rift is the version for mobile devices of the classic mode of League of Legends, so your goal is to knock down the nexus enemy forming equipment within a map 5v5, with faster matches and controls updated to the new devices. In addition, the Champions are almost equal to the classics, but have received slight changes to improve your gameplay with the fingers. Also, Riot Games has confirmed that this format will begin with 40 characters, but the rest will be in the future.

More features:

  • Play will be free, only pay for items and cosmetics to support the game.
  • There will be ranked games with loot exclusive.
  • When you log on to your account from Riot, you will achieve the rewards for the time invested in the version of LoL in PC.

Release date and platforms

The title will soon be available on mobile Android and iOS. But you can pre-register already in the Google Play Store. In terms of the availability in the console, there will be information later in 2020.

Differences between LoL and PC LoL Wild Rift

Has rebuilt the entire game, updated models, animations, game systems and more, but remain faithful to the fundamentals of the gameplay experience of LoL, which you already know. Although the content will not be the same as in LoL (PC), you will achieve the rewards for the time you have invested in the PC version.

However, there are some differences, but both include the experience of game of 5v5 of the MOBA that is League of Legends. Add a game crossed between LoL for PC and Wild Rift would require sacrifices in terms of integrity, competitive, and has been sought that the game is fair and fun, regardless of the platform on which you play.

During certain important moments of the year, will be coordinated themed events and releases between LoL for PC and Wild Rift, in turn, are already studying the possibility of crossplay, cross-platform between mobile and console, but still there is nothing assured.

Minimum specifications for mobile devices

Riot ensures that there is not insurance, but they want the game to be accessible from as many devices as possible. These are the specifications for mobile:

Android iOS
Compatibility equivalent to Samsung Galaxy A7 iPhone 5S and later
PROCESSOR Qualcomm Snapdragon 410
GPU GPU Adreno 306

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