Riot Games will donate 1.5 million dollars to relieve the situation created by the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is already affecting countries such as Italy, Spain, Uk, Germany or United States. The north american country, with the epicenter in New York, suffers the ravages of the disease. In the face of this unprecedented situation, the two founders of the company of League of Legends Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, will help with $ 500,000 each, according to a report in the Wrap.

Of the total amount, $ 400,000 will go to the food bank of Los Angeles, while $ 200,000 will be awarded to the Mayor’s Fund of that same city. With that money, it will help to soften the cost of medical care, meals for the elderly and other crucial needs. “In addition to its economic contribution, Riot Games is working to ensure the necessary equipment of the hospitals of Los Angeles, such as, for example, masks to protect our doctors and nurses first-line”, has informed the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

The desarolladora, whose games are in the circuit of the electronic sports, has already taken its measures to protect the different parties during this crisis of the coronavirus. The championship League of Legends Championshio Series he went on to the online form, while other tournaments have been postponed until may, and July. Riot Games has cancelled in addition to all the hands-on Valorant.


Valorant, new video game from Riot Games.

Nintendo has also contributed

Riot Games is not the only company that has donated with the aim of improving the situation. In the case Nintendothe Kyoto provided 9.500 masks-type N95, which will be more fully to Eastside Fire and Rescue in North Bend, of Washington. The company nippon reported also that many workers are already working from their homes, at the time that confirmed that the repair centers are closed in the united States. Meanwhile, in Europe anticipate possible delays in the arrangement of their products.

Source | Polygon